Paris, The European Capital!

Bonjour, I'll get right to it... Do we love Paris? Yes we do! The city that I probably had the lowest expectations for, but easily surprised me the most. So why is this you might ask yourself? What does Paris hold that is so special? Hundreds of thousands of Frenchies gathered together? Macarons? Wine and … Continue reading Paris, The European Capital!

Exploring the Streets of London

As our travel days pass by, and the cities start to blend in with one another, we found ourselves in beautiful and sunny London. A good start, as I was fully expecting grey, overcast or drizzly days. But no! We were welcomed with the hot sun and lots of goodies to see around the city. … Continue reading Exploring the Streets of London

Berlin 12 Years Later

After two and a half weeks traveling down Central/Eastern Europe we're now back in the West, and Berlin to be more exact (well really that depends which side of the city you're in I suppose...)! I have been sightseeing Berlin one time before during a class excursion in 10th grade. That is already 12 years … Continue reading Berlin 12 Years Later

Hiking The 7 Ladders Canyon

As soon as we arrived in Brasov, Romania, we saw that there was a certain hike that we just had to do. It's called Canionul Sapte Scari, or the Seven Ladders Canyon on the Piatra Mare Mountain. When we saw that it was a hike literally up through a Canyon with waterfalls, we couldn't say … Continue reading Hiking The 7 Ladders Canyon

Chasing Castles In Transylvania😍

We're in Transylvania! Transylvania which I've heard and read so much about. Good old stories and movies with blood sucking vampires always leading back to Transylvania. This will be fun. Our original plan was to go to directly to Bucharest and do day trips from there... But you don't want to do that! You want … Continue reading Chasing Castles In Transylvania😍

Budapest on a Budget

As I lay here on our last night in Budapest, I am reminiscing about our short, but sweet, stay here. We've had a great time exploring the city and making more memories. We began with another very successful Airbnb, in a great location in Budapest, on the Pest side. We had taken the bus from … Continue reading Budapest on a Budget


My first memories of Bratislava are from the movie "Eurotrip". They made it look like the cheapest place in the world, and it looked awesome. Many people will probably also think about Bratislava as a party capital, and I'm sure it is,  but also much more. I've always wanted to go, it's something about the … Continue reading #Bratislava

2 Nights in Vienna

Here we are, city #3 and we're already on the move again tomorrow! This is certainly a fast paced way to travel, and not the kind of travel that we do often; but we only had a certain amount of time and we wanted to cram as much into it as we could! So, cram … Continue reading 2 Nights in Vienna

Prague, A Number One Destination!

Praga you absolute gorgeous city! After all those times we've seen pictures of all the bridges connecting the city, we finally found ourselves in the middle of it! And you did not disappoint. We've had three amazing days in Prague, and that's not nearly enough. It really took me back to the time we spent … Continue reading Prague, A Number One Destination!

First Stop in Europe – Krakow

When Robin and I decided to take a (surprise) trip home, we thought that since we were coming all this way from New Zealand, we might as well do a little bit of a Europe trip as well! So we have 5 weeks to visit 10 cities....a few days in each place to get our … Continue reading First Stop in Europe – Krakow