Viking Camp 2017

Our second Viking Camp is over and we did it with style yet again! One more year and we can call it a tradition for sure, and I can promise everyone, there will be many more camps to come💪🤗🇳🇴 With such great friends, how can we not.. 🍻
A Viking Camp/PARTY in the scale we’re doing it can not be described easily, and if anything it has to be in pictures! That is what I’m going for this post. Still, truth to be told, there’s always less pictures then we’re hoping for when checking the camera the next morning, it’s still a mystery to me why… 🤣 Anyways… The camp goes on from Friday to Sunday.
Last year we started Thursday with a.. Small warm-up, and this year same happened, but it was from Wednesday. Sarah and myself have been living down by the river (where we’re having the camp) all summer, and while preparing for camp it’s so easy to grab some ale, and people as in friends seem to easily join in for a toast🤗
Friday is the first actual Viking Camp day when you’re expected to show up in your finest leather fresh out from battle! While I took care of the fire and sorted a few things out down in camp, Sarah prepared her hair with my sisters and cousin and this is where it all starts… The dedication is just unreal from start, and I just love how everybody goes all in! Braids on💪
 Soon after people came from all directions by modern automobiles, boats and some even just their legs💪 Eventually we were a lethal gang of warriors..
And people were still coming… I mean how can you not 🤗 as you can see in the featured photo, we were a hell of a gang💪 And these pictures are still from early on, the first night…

As the sun went lower, and the alcohol went higher… It’s time to use those fancy weapons everybody has grown so fond of waiving around….That plus a few drinking games was the last action we included the camera in… Last snap sent was five in the morning and what happened those 8 hours from the last picture was taken will have to be a mystery for you guys and a secret for us.. It did not go on in silence, that’s for sure…

Luckely everyone survived the first night with most limbs still attached this year 💪🤣 And Saturday morning we even pulled off some water skiing, knee boarding and tubing… I’ve never seen anybody pull that off after a Viking ship before… Pretty damn fast rowing 🇳🇴🤗

Before we knew it was time to light up the torches yet again! The fire kept on growing bigger and empty bottles were piling up!

Luckily a few of us figured beers, a bottle of aquavit and a camera would be a good combination! Haha, quite a few of these pictures are similar, but the facial expressions are not, and they have to be posted! We had a hell of a time by the look of it🤣🤣

And yeah, we can’t forget about our shield maidens! I love these pictures, and I love these girls!

So that was a few moments from this year’s camp! Tonnes of good memories, and super ready for next year’s camp already. I mean, with these people, how can we not… Thank you everybody for being such great sports!

So how was the camp guys?


Thats what I like to see 🤗 Until next time…

Robin 20170730082635_IMG_0107


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