My first memories of Bratislava are from the movie “Eurotrip”. They made it look like the cheapest place in the world, and it looked awesome. Many people will probably also think about Bratislava as a party capital, and I’m sure it is,  but also much more. I’ve always wanted to go, it’s something about the name when you’re saying it with a slightly Russian accent that is so appealing! Just give it a go and you’ll see.. BraTiSlaVa 🍻🤗 Feels good doesn’t it?

Anyways, we have much to see and not nearly enough time, so we decided to do one night here. I would have loved to spend the more time, but that would probably have been for more socialising than actually exploring. Bratislava is a small city, at least the part that we wanted to see! You can probably get through the castle and the old town in a couple of hours if you are a bit dedicated. We spent a bit longer because we found the old town of Bratislava quite unique. When it’s not so big, it’s quite cosy, and we just loved walking around in little narrow streets. It reminded us of Italy, and that is never a bad thing.

We arrived with the bus from Vienna approximately 12 o’clock, and after we had checked into our hostel, we walked to the castle. It’s worth doing, and you will also get a beautiful view of the city from up there.


We walked up and around it before going inside the walls, for a peek in the garden, and to get the view of the city. It’s a pretty good view point inside the walls in the direction of old town!


We even had time for some posing…


In the background you can see St. Martin’s Cathedral towering 85 meters above the old town.

In the old town we fell in love with old architecture, narrow streets and the lovely atmosphere!


There were lots of people, but we didn’t get thet annoying feeling when places are over crowded. It was nice!



We even found a “hidden” room inside the city walls with a book shelf and a bench. You can bet that made Sarahs day!


We also stumbled upon “man at work” which is quite famous. It was pretty cool to meet him in person!


I’ll recommend the old town in Bratislava to everyone! It’s a small, but pretty neat place! And I’m sure there’s something for everyone there!

After a nice day in the sun, you are probably wondering if we didn’t do any drinking, as most people would say you have to when in this city! And to answer your question, we sure did! Haha we were in a 8 dorm, and had six awesome guys in our room. One Irish lad from Northern Ireland, a Sydney girl, and a few Poms. We had a great time, consuming some beers in our room telling stories and bonding as you must when meeting great people. From there,  we didn’t make it further than the hostel bar in the basement but that was plenty, and we had an awesome night with beers, shots and you know how it goes… 🍻🤗 Unfortunately as always,  we are too social to fiddle around with our phones when we are out, and as a consequence there are never many pictures. I took one last night, but on the other hand that might have been a good thing.. I bet I was pretty proud of my “tower” and went for a picture. Not sure if Sarah shared my enthusiasm, but I can tell you it stood for a while! (the tower in the picture🤣)


Thanks Bratislava, we’ll be back definitely. Now it’s Hungary and Budapest next…



4 thoughts on “#Bratislava

  1. One fun fact is that the Eurotrip movie was never filmed in Slovakia. The Bratislava scene was filmed in Milovice in the Czech Republic. 🙂

    Your post really brought back some memories from the one and a half year that I lived in Bratislava, so thank you. 🙂


  2. Thanks a lot for sharing your story and such amazing photos!

    My first memory of hearing about Bratislava was also on Eurotrip film. I remember it because they made it look extremely cheap, when they had seafood etc. Apparently it is not that cheap. Definitely far from being one of the cheapest places I’ve been to in Europe 😛

    Happy travels!


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