Our first travel video is up and running!

Finally, we have started to put together videos from our travels. We both love looking back at everything we have experienced the last few years and we also want to share it with you guys. Writing about it is fun, but videos describe it pretty good too. We are getting better at taking out the … Continue reading Our first travel video is up and running!

My Experience Working on Farms – As a Girl

Working on farms as a girl these days shouldn’t really make a difference, and I’m sure that in a lot of places it doesn’t, but I just want to share with you my experiences of working on farms abroad, and how I feel I've been treated. I’ll start off by saying that all my farm … Continue reading My Experience Working on Farms – As a Girl

Eurobodalla National Park

36.1000° S, 150.0500° E February 2015 Some of my best memories of campervanning in Australia has to be from when Robin and I stumbled upon the Lake Brou Campground in New South Wales. The first time we came across it was when we were driving South towards Melbourne. We were travelling with one of Robins … Continue reading Eurobodalla National Park

Farm School

 31.6419° S, 149.8999° E September 2014 Farm School was the best thing for me to stumble upon when I arrived in Australia. My friend and I, who I went to Australia with, just happened to find ourselves in the hostel bar where there was a farmer (as well as other employers) doing a presentation and … Continue reading Farm School