Finishing The Trans-Mongolian, Chinese New Year in Beijing

39.9042° N, 116.4074° E So, we finished our last leg of the Trans-Mongolian Railway. What an experience! We have been planning this trip for months, and everything has gone so well. I had high expectations for this trip and it did not disappoint! For our last leg of the journey, we were spoiled with a … Continue reading Finishing The Trans-Mongolian, Chinese New Year in Beijing

Visiting The Worlds Coldest Capital…In January

  47.5427° N ,106.5259° E One thing I love about being in a new place is the feeling of being a complete stranger to everyone there. No one knows you. No one has pre-existing ideas about you, you can just completely be yourself! And coming to this new beautiful country is a reminder of that. … Continue reading Visiting The Worlds Coldest Capital…In January

Trans- Mongolian Railway, a Journey Through Siberia

47.8864° N, 106.9057° E Our big Trans Siberian/Mongolian train journey has been quite an adventure so far, and something you just have to experience for yourself! If anything, we can just try to explain how epic this train ride across the world's biggest continent really is. And for us, it's not even finished. We are … Continue reading Trans- Mongolian Railway, a Journey Through Siberia

Moscow, You Beautiful City!

55.7558° N, 37.6173° E  We met for the first time, and the first impression was just as I hoped for. This morning it was snowing and everything was set for a wonderful day cruising the streets; as you should in a new big city, especially with as much history as this one! How can you … Continue reading Moscow, You Beautiful City!

New Year, New Goals!

55.7558° N, 37.6173° E So 2016, Christmas and New Years are over. And yet again, it's time for new adventures. I said in one of my Instagrams that a good New Years Resolution for a traveler would be to visit more countries than the year before, therefore we better start now! Doing a quick recap; … Continue reading New Year, New Goals!

Eurobodalla National Park

36.1000° S, 150.0500° E February 2015 Some of my best memories of campervanning in Australia has to be from when Robin and I stumbled upon the Lake Brou Campground in New South Wales. The first time we came across it was when we were driving South towards Melbourne. We were travelling with one of Robins … Continue reading Eurobodalla National Park

Farm School

 31.6419° S, 149.8999° E September 2014 Farm School was the best thing for me to stumble upon when I arrived in Australia. My friend and I, who I went to Australia with, just happened to find ourselves in the hostel bar where there was a farmer (as well as other employers) doing a presentation and … Continue reading Farm School

A little intro…

There are so many stories and experiences we would love to share with others, from all of the adventures that we have coming up, but also all the ones we’ve had since the start of 2015, two full years of craziness before we even started this blog. So our goal is to inspire people, and … Continue reading A little intro…