Berlin 12 Years Later

After two and a half weeks traveling down Central/Eastern Europe we're now back in the West, and Berlin to be more exact (well really that depends which side of the city you're in I suppose...)! I have been sightseeing Berlin one time before during a class excursion in 10th grade. That is already 12 years …

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My first memories of Bratislava are from the movie "Eurotrip". They made it look like the cheapest place in the world, and it looked awesome. Many people will probably also think about Bratislava as a party capital, and I'm sure it is,  but also much more. I've always wanted to go, it's something about the …

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2 Nights in Vienna

Here we are, city #3 and we're already on the move again tomorrow! This is certainly a fast paced way to travel, and not the kind of travel that we do often; but we only had a certain amount of time and we wanted to cram as much into it as we could! So, cram …

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