Viking Camp 2017

Our second Viking Camp is over and we did it with style yet again! One more year and we can call it a tradition for sure, and I can promise everyone, there will be many more camps to come💪🤗🇳🇴 With such great friends, how can we not.. 🍻 A Viking Camp/PARTY in the scale we're …

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Preparing for the Second Annual Viking Party

Here in Norway, Robin and I have begun our own little tradition...of hosting a Viking Party! Where Robin grew up is the absolute perfect area to invite a bunch of friends and just have a weekend full of good food, games, swimming, drinking and other sorts of party shenanigans. Others in Robins family have of …

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Kjerag, Preikestolen And Trolltunga

HeiHei fra Norges-land🇳🇴 We're summer holiday-ing in Norway this July and last week we did as you must when in Norway... went to see fjords and mountains! We decided to hike Kjeragbolten, Preikestolen and Trolltunga (trolltounge). I'm from South-East Norway, and these three hikes are all on the Western side of the country. I used …

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