Kjerag, Preikestolen And Trolltunga

HeiHei fra Norges-land🇳🇴

We’re summer holiday-ing in Norway this July and last week we did as you must when in Norway… went to see fjords and mountains! We decided to hike Kjeragbolten, Preikestolen and Trolltunga (trolltounge). I’m from South-East Norway, and these three hikes are all on the Western side of the country. I used to think it was a long drive, but after two years living in Australia and with a girlfriend from Canada I sure didn’t think this was bad at all. In total it ended up being approximately a 1200km drive there and back again. We went with my younger sister Charlotte and my good mate Hans Johan! We packed the car and off we went midday Tuesday last week! We drove to Lysefjorden and Lysebotn where our first hike was set to start. We drove up on the mountain, and just a few hundred meters above where the hike starts, we found a small cosy cabin. It had its door open, four beds inside and some emergency food left behind from other travellers. On the table there was a diary and someone actually used it the night before us. In Norway we have a saying in the mountain, that if the door is open it is free to use. We stayed there that night. Me and Hans finished (almost) a three liter box of wine and next morning Kjeragbolten was the goal!


This hike is amazing! The view as you are climbing higher and higher over Lysefjorden is absolutely stunning! I’m saying climbing because that is what you have to do on this one. Not really with ropes, but there are a few dodgy places where you should have your mind on what you are doing! We used around two hours in, and pictures can best describe what kjeragbolten is.

I mean this rock is actually quite scary and especially seeing everyone there out on the edge. A 250 metre drop under the rock and almost 1000 metres down to Lysefjorden. You don’t want to trip when jumping out on it. Yes, you have to jump… I was going to take some pictures while Sarah and Charlotte walked down to have a look where you are climbing out on the rock. Well suddenly Charlotte jumped out on it… I said to Hans I wanted to go down and see what Sarah was up to, and before I got there see was on it as well… Since we were already playing with our lives I gave it a go too… Everything went well, it’s a cool experience but it is a loooong way down. The rock was wet and slippery from everyone posing on it and the passage out to it is no fun either… If you are there and have steady feet, and a calm head go for it, if not give it another thought… Again, it is a long way down… We used around two hours back as well.. Jumped in the car and drove to Preikestolen. We decided to drive around, instead of taking the ferry (we would have to wait for three hours for the ferry). Big mistake though… It’s a 2.5h drive normally, but some major road work made that journey into 4.5h instead. If anything we got to see more of this beautiful country. I reckon that is the way to look at it.


We did wild camping before waking up ready for Preikestolen (in Norway we have something called “allemannsretten” which basically means the nature is for everyone to use and you can camp where you want) This is probably one of the best known hikes in Norway. Now there are Sherpa stairs all the way up, so it is a pretty easy walk. Still a lot of stairs though. Only thing is, we did it in July… I have never seen that many people on a trail before… And I’ve been to China on the Chinese New Year… There were too many, but at least we got to see Preikestolen. Getting up towards the plateau is also magnificent. Over the edge it drops 600m straight down into the fjord below. People have fallen off the edge here quite a few times… It’s also quite a narrow path, where hundreds of people are meeting each other every hour. Walk with care, the view is worth it, even with the crowds! Back to the car and we were off towards the last goal for this trip.


The trolltoungue is in Odda which is a bit further up North. We drove for another five hours through some more stunning scenery.

We got to Tyssedal and then up a narrow drive to Skjeggedal where the hike starts. We met a lovely woman who rented out some tent spots on her lawn. We could also park at her place and decided this was the perfect place to start up from next morning. Sadly,  Hans had a bad knee from previous excursions, and Charlotte’s body was not too happy after the last two days, so Sarah and I did this one ourselves. Nothing can stop us! Trolltunga is quite a hike… It starts with two steep ascends to get you up on the mountain. Each taking you 400 meters higher. At the top it is a bit up and down, and 11 kilometres in total from start to tongue! I would recommend starting early, even during summer especially if you want to stand on the tongue. There is a line! I stood there for 15 minutes, and when I had been out there the line was four times longer than when I started. When out on the tip, I layed down and had a peek over the edge. It is a long way down there as well. People have gone over the edge there as well, last person this year I believe. Steady steps! Below Trolltunga there is a mini tongue and a small plateau. We climbed down there instead and took some great shots down there all by ourselves. That was beautiful and again highly recommended. I loved this hike, I mean how can you not when the cherry of the hike is a giant tongue sticking out from the mountain hundreds of metres over the valley bellow. Outstanding! After some posing we headed back. There used to be a car on rails you could take up the mountain and this was also where the old hike used to go. Now they have made a road up where this old railway lines used to go. An absolute disgrace! Anyways… Sarah’s feet started to hurt a bit after 20 kilometres so we decided to walk down the road instead of descending the same way we came up. The road is three kilometres longer but not as steep. I’m not sure if we made it easier for ourselves because the total kilometres ended up being 25. Quite a day, but totally worth it!

Four absolutely amazing days. 45 kilometres hiked, camped in cabin and in the wild. A few hours in the cars. Passed through hundreds of tunnels (at least it felt like it) wine and beers, carbs and salad consumed. And tonnes of laughter with awesome company. Just as it should be while holiday-ing in beautiful Norway!

PS. Video is coming…




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